Pilates Reformer

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That Reformer is the most well-known and widely used Pilates machine .

It is a multi-instrument that you can perform exercises for the whole body depending on the position the body takes on the instrument, with the guidance of the specialized trainer.

All exercises in Pilates Reformer enhance postural symmetry, breath control, pelvic-spine-shoulder stabilization, muscle flexibility and joint mobility.


It especially strengthens the waist, neck, back and is aimed at everyone.
It can be gentle exercise for a pregnant woman, safe for an elderly person and dynamic for an athlete. It is also recommended by doctors as the ideal way of training to prevent and treat injuries. According to its originator, Joseph Pilates , in the first ten lessons you feel the difference, in twenty others see it and in thirty you have a new body!

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Pilates _ Studio , by Salute Gym has 3 Pilates Reformer and works by appointment.

In Pilates training Reformer , under the guidance of Giorgos Striftaras (Professor of Physical Education, MSc Sport Sciences ) you have the possibility to:

"Share" the session and work out with 1-2 friends ( Shared Session ) or

To use the session exclusively for you ( Solo personal )


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